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Fire Mylar

Custom 3.5g Mylar Bags (Eighth)

Custom 3.5g Mylar Bags (Eighth)

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Custom 3.5g Mylar Bags (Eighth) |

Custom 3.5g Mylar Bags (Eighth) |

These are sticker bags (sticker with rounded corners applied to a mylar bag) |

If you have your file already mocked up from a previous order we will waive the mockup fee.  CONTACT US BY PHONE OR EMAIL SO WE CAN WAIVE THE FEE.

Available Bag Types - All bags have rounded corners: (Text or email us if you have a preference otherwise, we will choose the best color for you according to your design)

  • Matte Black (4x5")
  • Matte Black w/ Universal Warning on the back side (4.125x4.875")
  • Matte Black w/ Child Proof Zipper (4x5") (+$0.25/bag) SOLD OUT
  • Matte White (4x5") SOLD OUT
  • Matte White w/ Universal Warning on the back side (4.125x4.875")
  • Matte White w/ Child Proof Zipper (4x5") (+$0.25/bag)

For stickers on both sides, the price is double.  Please contact us to arrange this.  We will email you an invoice to pay or you can send us an Apple Pay.

Important Notes for Best Quality:

  1. Send us your design in the dimensions above for a seamless project.  Otherwise we will have to resize the image for you which includes either stretching the image (less desirable), filling in solid color (less desirable), or using a generative fill with an AI application (more desirable).
  2. If you are unable to upload your design, please email it to us.  Acceptable file formats include JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF and PSD.
  3. Be sure not to hug the edges and corners with important elements like logos, symbols and text or they run the risk of getting cutoff.  Pull these elements away from the edges and corners.

We price match! (Current British Pound Conversion:  0.5 Pound = $0.75)

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