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Fire Mylar

Custom Mylar Bags

Custom Mylar Bags

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Sticker Material

Custom Mylar Bags |

  • HD Vinyl Sticker Bags (glossy or matte) |
  • No minimum quantity |

Questions? Call or text (619) 857-4924 |

If you don't contact us about your project, we will use our expertise to make your bag look its best. |

If you forget to upload your design, you can text or email it to us. |


***Spend $500 in custom work and get FREE information labels (dispensary style).  These labels give your bags a professional and authentic look.



  • Lighter Designs: 1-day (dry time) delay
  • Darker Designs: 2-day (dry time) delay
  • If you want your other bags shipped fast, we recommend you separate sticker bags into a different order.
  • We do our best to upgrade orders to Priority shipping to make up for lost time however this is not a guarantee.




What color bags do we use?  The gram and ounce bags are silver holographic bags.  You'll see a thin silver holographic border around the sticker on the front.  The back sides are clear so you can see your product.  If you prefer another color except for silver holographic let us know but there could be an additional 1-2 day delay on your order if we don't have it in stock.  The eighth and quarter bags are either black or white.  You'll see a thin black or white border around the sticker on the front.  The back sides will either be black or white.  Let us know if you strongly prefer that we use a certain color with your design.  If you'd like us to use a different color let us know but there could be an additional 1-2 day delay on your order if we don't have it in stock.

What are the bag dimensions? Gram size bags are 3x4" with no bottom gusset.  Quarter size bags are 4x6" with a bottom gusset.  Ounce size bags are 6x9" with a bottom gusset.  Eighth size bags are 3.5x5" with a bottom gusset.  If you prefer us to use 4x5" bags let us know, there is a $0.10 extra charge for these bags.  All bags have rounded corners.  If you prefer sharp/square corners let us know.  (Gusset refers to the bottom of a bag opening up so the bag can stand on its own)

Will we sell your design?  No, we have no desire to sell your bags/design and will not sell it.  In fact, we actually charge a monthly fee if you want us to sell your bags as this is a form of advertisement.  Let us know if you want us to list your custom bag on our website.  The price is $20/month per design or $100/year per design. 

Can we add details to your design?  Yes, we can do this free of charge.  The most popular requests are QR codes, warning symbols and basic wording such as weights and volumes.

Do we do free design?  We use artificial intelligence to design your bag.  We do this for free if you purchase at least 100 bags per design.  We've done this for many customers and have gotten great results.  

What size image files are best?  It depends on the size bag you want.  Check out the bag dimensions above and match your image to the size bag for best results.  Don't worry, if you're not technical, we will do our best to make your design fit.  If there are any issues with scaling, we will let you know.

Can we make a sticker for the back?  For sure we can.  The cost is double the price.  Let us know if you want a back sticker on your bags.

Direct print mylar bags: If you're planning on getting direct print mylar bags, be sure to contact us as we can usually get it done for a better price than what you're planning to pay.  We have contacts for the best manufacturers in China and can usually save you money.  Benefits of direct print bags are lower prices and high finish versatility such as die-cut/shaped bags, holographic bags with spot UV effects, etc.  The biggest drawback is the production and lead time which can take 3 weeks or longer to produce not including transit time.  Our in-house custom sticker bags are made within 2-3 days which is vital for the industry and market.

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