About Us

Welcome to Fire Mylar!  We specialize in mylar bags with no required minimum quantity.  Buy 1 or buy many!

We are a packaging company located in Southern California that focuses on packaging for the 420 industry.  Our main focus is on mylar bags.  We have been in the 420-packaging industry for over 7 years and are knowledgeable about the newest packaging trends such as die-cut mylar bags and mylar bags with spot UV and holographic effects.

We also do custom packaging, please contact us for more details.  We're popular for producing 4800dpi High Definition vinyl sticker bags within 24 hours and shipping them fast.  You can get custom mylar bags made and shipped to you within 24-48 hours after ordering.  We also provide the best pricing for direct print mylar bags.

We sell packaging only.  All mylar bags are sold empty.  Requests for anything illegal will be ignored.  We do NOT sell any CBD or THC products.

We ship fast (within 0-1 business days) and offer returns within 30 business days (please see our return policy for more details).

The best contact method is texting or calling us at (619) 857-4924.  The second-best contact method is email at firemylar@gmail.com.

We look forward to serving your packaging needs!