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Fire Mylar

Cherryhead Mylar Sticker Bags Gooniez

Cherryhead Mylar Sticker Bags Gooniez

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Cherryhead Mylar Sticker Bags Gooniez |

Cherryhead Mylar Bags Gooniez |


  • If you want your other bags shipped faster, we recommend you separate sticker bags into a different order.
  • Sticker bags are shipped by Priority Mail.
  • Most orders arrive well before the stated delivery date.

    There is a small border around the sticker from the mylar bag (NOT SEEN IN PICTURE)

    The picture shows the 3.5g bag but if you choose another size, the text will be updated according to what bag you choose.

    Sticker Mylar Bag Sizes

    • (3.00" x 4") 1g
    • (3.50" x 5") 3.5g
    • (4.00" x 6") 7g
    • (5.75" x 9") 28g
    • (9.00" x 11") 112g

    High-Definition Vinyl Sticker Mylar Bags

    We use a proprietary method to apply a high-quality vinyl sticker to a mylar bag blank, similar to how a vinyl wrap is applied to a car.

    Did you know many brands use these sticker bags as their official prototype bags before committing to printing them in volume?  That makes these sticker bags more official than printed bags.  For example, if you get a sticker bag from Sprinklez (Torch) you know you got the bag from the source.

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